May 27, 2016

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Cardin Marks Memorial Day 2016

BALTIMORE – U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) issued the following statement in recognition of Memorial Day 2016, which is Monday, May 30.

Americans live free, secure and stable lives thanks to generations of men and women in uniform who were willing to sacrifice their own. We must never forget the tremendous debt we owe those brave Americans. It is in large part because of them that America serves as a beacon of hope, freedom, and equality to all the world.

Memorial Day is a national day of remembrance and gratitude. Today, we do not only honor the men and women who have lost their lives in recent years. We honor every American who has ever given their life in defense of the values and freedoms we enjoy today. From Yorktown to Fort McHenry, from Antietam to Pearl Harbor, today we salute the centuries-old legacy of sacrifice and selflessness that defines our nation. We are forever indebted to our warfighters, and today is a day to do what we can to pay that debt, with our respect, our remembrance, and our actions.

Today is not only a day for looking back. It is also a day for looking forward. Those men and women who lie buried gave their lives so that we could live in peace. Their dream, and the dream of every American serving their nation in the field of battle, is that someday no more Americans will be called upon to give their lives for their country, that someday war will end and the world will be truly free. What better way, then, to honor their memory than to do everything we can to seek peace? On this day of remembrance, I hope that all Americans remember the dream of those who committed the greatest sacrifice, and pursue peace in all our endeavors.

On this Memorial Day, I say a special prayer for the families in Maryland and across the country who have lost loved ones in defense of these United States. I also thank all the men and women currently serving our nation and look forward to the day when they return home safely to spend this day with their friends and family.