It was only a few weeks ago that New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams announced his bold move to journey to Turkey in lieu of an extended National Basketball Association lockout.

Now it appears the All Star may have some company overseas. Fellow stars guard Dwyane Wade, forward Chris Paul and forward Carmelo Anthony are reportedly keeping their options open should the league’s current labor dispute last into the regular season.

After concluding a promotional tour in China last week, in an interview in Hong Kong, Anthony and Paul revealed that the trio could take matters into their own hands should the NBA fail to start on time this season.

“As far as coming over here, we’ve always said this whole trip that our options are open,” Anthony said on Aug.2 immediately following a pickup game against Chinese teenagers at the trio’s promotional event. “Hopefully, we won’t have to take that route–coming over here. Hopefully, we have a season, but who knows, we shall see.”

Wade, Paul and Anthony were recently in Beijing to coach and play alongside 19-and-under and 21-and-under teams as part of their tour.