TwoRomantic™ is a unique online boutique launched by an African-American entrepreneur that offers quality CBD cosmetics and merchandise for couples. The company specializes in the use of the oil in beauty products, as well as for couples for pleasure and relaxation.

CBD is a close cousin of marijuana where the intoxicants have been removed allowing the therapeutic properties to remain. CBD is then used to address any number of ailments, from anxiety, pain, chronic inflammation, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, immune system support, and other conditions.

Black-owned company TwoRomanic offers CBD infused wedding accessories and novelty items for sexual pleasure. (Courtesy Photo)

This product offers beauty products, lotions and essential oils made with high-potency CBD. Thanks to CBD, individuals can achieve supple lips, softer hands, smoother skin, and even longer eyelashes. Couples can indulge in the scented erotic massage oils with Nano CBD, formulated with an aphrodisiac to stimulate and arouse. The emollients of CBD enhance the quality of these products and can help couples relax and spice up their love life in unexpected and exciting ways.

The TwoRomantic™ marketplace also offers couples a variety of his/her and bride/groom wedding accessories and novelty items for honeymoon pleasure. The line of products urges couples to indulge each other, make love often and stay connected. “Hopefully, this worldwide crisis will soon pass,” the founder said.

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