Singer, songwriter and all around beauty Chanté Moore recently visited Washington, D.C., to work up a sweat with the ladies of Sporty Girl Fitness, a nutrition, exercise and fitness organization founded by celebrity trainer Basheerah Ahmad.

The health and fitness organization’s motto is “helping you get healthy – in mind, body and spirit,” and Ahmad took that message to the District, along with several other major cities, during the Sporty Girl Fitness Tour Part Two.

Thanks to her best friend, Moore has been an active supporter of the program and its fitness tour for several years.

“My best friend Sheryl Cobb-Debrose is always involved in something great. I have known her for about 15 years now and a few years ago she asked me to support her by working out so I said sure and we have been working out together ever since,” said Moore. “I discovered that most times you will let yourself down before you will let others down so having that support system is important.”

While the physical fitness component definitely played a strong role in Moore’s commitment to joining the organization, she is also connected to the mental and spiritual unity Sporty Girl Fitness promotes.

“Our pastor is also a member of Sporty Girl Fitness, and she makes sure we are in church at all times. We call each other and will quickly say, ‘I didn’t see you in church yesterday’,” said Moore. “Also we are around each other all the time. It’s important to surround yourself with people who have like goals and like minds and you build a connection with everyone in your circle.”

However, the celebrated vocalist said Sporty Girl Fitness does not emulate a sorority.

“Sororities are a little more ‘clique-ish’ than this. It’s not about saying, ‘You are like me so that’s why I’m cool with you,’ it’s more about working with everyone from all walks of life to better yourselves together,” said Moore. “It’s takes a village to do everything not just raise a child. It should be a team effort with everything you do in life and this organization believes in that.”

The ladies of Sporty Girl Fitness are currently touring the country, promoting sisterhood between women of all ages and backgrounds. According to Moore, the program’s goal is to “bring you together…keep the circle strong and growing.”
When Moore isn’t exercising or having group discussions with ladies around the country, she’s in the studio working on her gospel debut Changed and her next R&B release, which is still untitled.

Changed is not just lifting God up, that’s not me, but I’m going to talk about how God is a part of us all and how we should lift him up in our day-to-day lives. Each day it’s about using those experiences that make me stronger,” said Moore. “The other album is pretty fun. I haven’t titled it yet; it’s just more of me – I might just call it ‘Moore of Me.’”

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Marcus A. Williams

Special to the AFRO