By AFRO Staff

– As a passionate storyteller, Ayesha V. Dwyer takes readers on a delightful journey of a little girl who shares her Jamaican descent through fun and adventure in her new children’s book, “Sista Me & Friends” that makes a great addition to your summer reading list.

Dwyer, a wife and mom of two who lives in the Chicago suburb of Wadsworth, releases her beautifully illustrated hardcover book to show her love for the island of Jamaica, the people, the language and the culture.

“Sista Me & Friends”

“My inspiration for this book was the relationship I had with my grandfather,” Dwyer says. “His wisdom and tutelage are what primarily has guided me throughout my life. This book, in part, reflects the endearing love between a grandparent and child.”

Readers are taken on a delightful journey with Keturah, whose nickname is “Sista Me,” in this new release, featuring a delightful story,“Sista Me and Friends – A Rock and a Hard Place.”  You meet Jaggy, her grandfather; Auntie Merty, her mother; Kingston, her brother; Noelle, her best friend and a host of other family members and friends. The book weaves in cultural references, some Jamaican patois and a glossary to help you find the definitions of the words.

“Over the years, I’ve learned so much about my husband’s culture and how we as a family have embraced it,” says Dwyer who grew up in Waukegan and whose husband is Jamaican. “Sista Me is a way for me to capture the lovely innocence of a child through stories other kids can relate to – while also opening children’s eyes to the beauty of another culture.”

One of the central characters of the book is Jaggy, the grandfather, who is always there to support Sista Me as she navigates her way through childhood. “You know young kids are full of adventure,” Dwyer says. “Sista Me is just one of those kids who will bring a smile to your face no matter what they do.”

The book is available at, on and iTunes.

Ayesha V. Dwyer shares an adventurous tale of a young girl who lives life grounded in her Jamaican roots that makes great summer reading.