Cierra Curtis was 19 at the time of her child’s death. (Baltimore Police Department)

Cierra Curtis faces up to 40 years in jail after being found guilty of murdering her one-year-old son, Jayden Curtis. Curtis was found guilty in December and received her sentence on Feb. 12.

While conducting a traffic stop in the 5800 block of Reiserstown Road in Northwest Baltimore in July 2014, police heard a woman screaming about her child.

“I swear I’m not a bad mother, my baby’s not breathing,” she told the officers.

Curtis and her boyfriend, Kevin Green, were staying at nearby Red Carpet Inn. According to police, when Curtis’s boyfriend found the one-year-old not breathing he asked her to call police and began administering aid.

Curtis left the room a security guard asked her if she need help to which she replied, ““No, never mind, he’s fine.”

According to a statement from the office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore, which prosecuted the case, “Examiners found significant bruising to the boy’s head, chest, back, legs, arms, stomach, and hips. The injuries in the torso area caused significant internal bleeding and there were multiple signs of rupturing in the victim’s bladder and intestines.”

Curtis, who was 19 at the time of the murder, was the only one charged with a crime.

“This was a horrific crime. It makes me sick to think that someone could inflict that type of damage on their own child. Today’s verdict won’t bring this baby back—but I hope it sends a strong message that my office will relentlessly prosecute anyone who commits such heinous acts of violence against children,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby in a statement.