By AFRO Staff

Clear Essence Cosmetics USA (CEC USA), and Bluefield Associates announced the unveiling of a new size and new look: Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk at select Walmart stores nationwide. 

Don’t Look for the old, Look for the new! Simply Clear, Simply Beautiful Flawless Skin. Join us in our excitement and #BeCExclusive! Clear Essence Cosmetics USA. (Courtesy Photo)

The development of the new look reflects CEC USA’s commitment to providing exceptional products that treat the skin care needs of people of color. The new packaging and updated 10oz. size offers a noticeable and distinguished outward appearance with the same great ingredients on the inside.

Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Care series is a significant improvement over the previous packaging of the world renowned Platinum series. 

Clear Essence Exclusive Skin Beautifying Milk and Medicated Fade Crème also found in Walmart, highlights the CEC brand name more dominant on the front of all packages, reflecting the superior identity and performance associated with Clear Essence products.