A confederate flag is seen at a tombstone on the cemetery at Beauvoir House, Jefferson Davis’ historic home, in Biloxi, Miss., Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House is about to put its members on record on whether Confederate flags can decorate rebel graves in historic federal cemeteries and if their sale should be banned in national park gift shops.

The vote comes after southern lawmakers complained that they were sandbagged two nights ago when the House voted — without a recorded tally — to ban the display of Confederate flags at historic federal cemeteries and strengthen Park Service policy against its sale in gift shops.

It’s unclear how the vote will turn out but momentum against the flag’s display on public land has skyrocketed after last month’s tragic slaughter at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina. Early Thursday, the state legislature finalized a bill to remove the flag from statehouse grounds.


A. Dwight Pettit

Special to the AFRO