Coppin State University Sports Media Relations recently announced that Coppin State Deputy Athletic Director Alecia Shields-Gadson has been appointed the new chairperson for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Minority Opportunities and Interests Committee during the committee’s annual conference in Indianapolis.

According to Coppin State’s Sports Information Director Roger McAfee, for three years Shields-Gadson has been a member of the Minority Opportunities and Interests committee which has monitored the interests of minorities and women of Division I, II and III colleges since 1991.

The committee was created to enhance academic and career opportunities for minority and women workers in collegiate coaching, officiating and other positions in the athletics administration field.

“I am very excited to continue to champion the cause of diversity and to assist the NCAA through my committee service and its efforts in insuring that all student-athletes will have memorable experiences during their athletic tenures,” said Shields-Gadson, whom is also a member of the NCAA Woman of the Year Committee.

“Our membership is truly global as we have student-athletes that represent a wide array of countries, ethnicities, cultures and experiences” she said. “This committee has been charged with insuring inclusions at all levels and I look forward to keeping the relevant issues at the forefront of intercollegiate athletics.