Corey Dion Barnes was born March 4, 1998, in Baltimore, the only son of LaWanda Sailes. He was the youngest of three children.

Corey would have been 13 on March 4 of this year. He died as a result of the teenage fad, the choking game, a game whereby young people tie or have tied belts or scarves tightly around their necks, seeing how much pressure they can withstand before they pass out.

Corey was an honor student at Ashburton Elementary-Middle School. He had perfect attendance. He was a member of the school band and won many awards, including the Oratorical Award, Community Award, Citizenship Award, Math Award, High Achievement Award, second place in the school’s annual spelling bee and was selected to be in the city-wide Higher Achievement Program.

Corey’s mom and family wish to create a national awareness or consciousness about the dangerous choking game called Corey’s Rule, Corey’s Voice, or the C2 Rule. The family has a message for parents and young people: “Parents, tell you children how much you love them…Tell them a game must be fun and healthy and safe and beneficial to their health and fitness.”