Ward 7 Councilwoman Yvette Alexander is on the attack—nothing to do with city business, but rather her Council peers’ appearance on Marion Barry’s “Mayor for Life” reality show.

According to Alexander, who has called the show “cheesy,” City Council members and staff need to stick to their duties serving the District and forget about visions of Hollywood stardom. Also, and considering possible legal ramifications, Alexander has been poised to fire a former Barry communications director that switched over to work for her. The way Alexander tells it, Andre Johnson lied to her about his involvement with show, which has yet to find a sponsoring network and has been described in online blogs as poorly done with substandard acting.

Alexander was not immediately available for comment, but the City Paper reported that Johnson appears to have filmed scenes for the show when he no longer worked as a contracted employee for Barry. However, at the time, he was a full-time employee for Alexander. The councilwoman said she had asked Johnson repeatedly whether he was involved in the show, and he told her no. However, he repeatedly asked Alexander—at Barry’s request, Johnson alleges —if she would consent to being filmed for the show, the councilwoman said. Alexander’s response was that only if she could be filmed firing Johnson.

Alexander has also criticized appearances by several other Council peers, saying she couldn’t believe elected officials would be involved in a reality project. “I am truly shocked,” she said told City Paper. “Please stick to the Council. Hollywood is not in the stars for you. I think reality TV…seems to be for people who hit rock bottom.”

Meanwhile, since “Mayor for Life” debuted last week on YouTube, it has been marked for private viewing only.