Charles Mullins, 43, worked in the Baltimore County Public School system and tested positive for COVID-19 in December. (Courtesy photo)

By Jordan Thomas
Special to the AFRO

Charles Mullins, who is employed by the Baltimore County Public School system, said last December he tested positive for COVID-19.

Mullins, 43, said his family showed “No reaction I live alone and I kept myself isolated. They were not concerned because I showed no worry at all.”

Personally and professionally, after being diagnosed with COVID-19, Mullins said, “I worked in schools and I was diagnosed months after we were already closed. I had already been in isolation because of a spiritual journey that I was undertaking, which concluded a few weeks before.” 

Mullins said was not an essential frontline worker or a work-from-home employee. “My job would have too much exposure. I worked in the county school system. My employer closed down operations.” 

As for safety precautions, he is currently putting them into practice so he won’t become infected with coronavirus again in the near future, Mullins said, “I wear my mask whenever I am out in public. I also monitor who I allow in my home. If people are known to be around a lot of different people, they cannot come over. If they do, they must wear a mask while inside.” 

Mullins described his recovery experience from the coronavirus this way: “No real recovery. The only symptoms were a slight fever for 20 minutes one day, waking up later to no taste and no smell and a migraine that lasted for four hours on the fourth day. 

“Other than that, I was fine. I regained taste and smell after a month or so.” 

Mullins gave advice for people who are diagnosed with COVID-19: “Just take care of yourself, stay away from others, make sure you and they wear masks when they are in your presence. Drink plenty of fluids.” 

The writer is a graduate student in the Morgan State University School of Global Journalism and Communication. 

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