Jacqueline Moore is the founder and CEO of CMRignite, which has a three year growth rate of 709 percent according to the company records. (Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Moore)

By Jamaica Kalika,
Special to the AFRO

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of marketing, one name stands out as a source of innovation: Jacqueline Moore. The founder and CEO of Creative Marketing Resources (CMRignite), the nation’s largest Black-owned cause marketing agency according to Black Enterprise. Moore has pioneered a path within the business world that champions social impact and diversity, through an intentionally built staff that is 70 percent Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ and/or people with disabilities. Diversity is central to CMRignite’s success. 

“To whom much is given, much is required,” Moore emphasized. “This diversity is a strategic advantage that empowers CMRignite to connect with communities on a deeper level. By prioritizing diversity within their business model, they have seen exponential growth in revenue and staff. 

Moore’s legacy spans over 28 years with a journey that has been marked by passion and resilience. Established in 1995, the Black-owned cause marketing agency is based in Milwaukee, Wis. This agency has set itself apart by specializing in government agencies and nonprofits. Its mission: to develop innovative campaigns that lead to real, positive change, that transcend business and resonate deeply in society.

Moore has used her career in communications to make an impact in the world. 

“Our agency focuses on client work that is meaningful to society,” said Moore about CMRignite, which utilizes a research-first approach to inform their creative strategy and execution. “We do more than sell products, we make sure what we communicate about a client’s products and services has a social impact emphasis.” 

This principle has been the driving force behind CMRignite’s success, positioning them as a force for good.

“She [Moore] encourages us to take a human-centered approach in these workstreams with the primary focus being on our audiences. Moreover, she motivates us to not only reach the audience, but to reach the communities in which they live and the stakeholders and trusted messengers who support them,” said Heidi Tarr, senior director of research and strategy on Moore’s leadership.

Moore’s educational foundation provided her with a strong business sense, she credits her degrees from Marquette University and the Keller Graduate School as staples of her achievements. However, it’s her negotiation and collaboration skills that has built her a reputation of a respected leader and savvy entrepreneur.

Moore’s leadership is defined by a commitment to community and diversity. Despite her remarkable accomplishments, Moore acknowledges the challenges she faced as a Black woman in the corporate world. Early in her career, she encountered the need to prove her expertise to male counterparts, despite holding an advanced degree in business. 

“In an industry that still lacks diversity, Jacque has built an agency that not only reflects the diversity in America but also reaches multicultural audiences,” said Dena Vang, a public relations manager at CMRignite.

Moore’s impact extends beyond her business ventures. CMRignite’s commitment to community service is evident through its employees, who volunteer their time and talent with various organizations. This reflects Moore’s belief that CMRignite’s success should be channeled back into the community.

As August ushers in National Black Business Month, Moore’s stance on supporting Black-owned businesses takes center stage. 

“Supporting these businesses gives them the confidence to persevere despite the obstacles,” she said.

For Moore, this isn’t just a month-long initiative; it’s a way of life that reinforces the importance of unity within the Black business community. “It is important for businesses, particularly Black businesses, to support other Black entrepreneurs.”

It’s an exciting time for the award winning agency, as CMRignite celebrates its 28th anniversary, the agency’s accomplishments are a testament to Moore’s strategic leadership. She was recently awarded the Maria Monreal-Cameron Lifetime Achievement Award for Diversity in Business by the Milwaukee Business Journal.

CMRignite has also earned its spot on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for four consecutive years.

Moore credits having a dedicated team around her to manage her responsibilities as CEO, with a staff of close to 60 full-time employees. 

“Having a great team of professionals to work alongside me has been a tremendous asset. Each of the members of the executive team are seasoned professionals who are dependable, reliable and believe in the mission of CMRignite,” she said.

Moore envisions “limitless opportunity” while looking ahead, including business expansion through acquisitions and organic growth, all while attracting the best and brightest talent.

CMRignite’s innovative approach to marketing is a call to action for companies to consider their social impact and embrace diversity. Moore’s trajectory as the leader of CMRignite, highlights her dedication to cause marketing, diversity, and social impact. Her achievements show the potential of business to drive positive change in society.