BALTIMORE — Coppin State University will launch two new high technology master’s degree in science programs starting in fall semester this year.

The new MS in Applied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (AMBB) and MS in Polymer and Materials Science (PMS) will create exciting new opportunities for students to pursue degrees in science and high technology fields. The AMBB program leads to careers in medical, food, drug and other research fields. The PMS program leads to careers in chemistry, teaching, materials research and development, manufacturing, cosmetics industry, physics and engineering.

The AMBB program is structured to provide undergraduates in biology, chemistry or biochemistry with advanced knowledge of biochemistry and molecular biology. Students receive cutting edge instruction in areas of study, including infectious diseases, vision research, metabolic studies in various tissues, chemistry of biomolecules, protein engineering, and cell culture methodologies. Students of the programs are encouraged to apply this knowledge to an area of specialization during their thesis research.

The PMS program is designed to give students an understanding of the general phenomenon of design, synthesis, characterization, and function of polymers, specifically those classified as biomaterials, bioplastics, blended fuels, nano-materials, biomarkers, and soft polymers (polyester, gel, oil and resins). Students will receive an in-depth understanding of the relationships between the structure and properties of materials. Polymer and materials science enable many advanced technologies to be used to impact everyday life, such as flat screen TV’s, light weight aircraft panels and engines, medical devices, coatings and paints, and more.

To learn more or apply for the programs, contact the CSU School of Graduate Studies at 410-951-3090 or email