The District of Columbia will fully reopen nightclubs and sports venues, as well as reinstate late-night use of the D.C. Circulator bus beginning on June 11. (Courtesy Photo)

By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. and Digital Editor

While reopening metrics technically keeps the nation’s capital in phase two according to the, the District of Columbia. will be reopening in a major way on June 11- as D.C.’s nightclubs and sporting venues will fully reopen and the Circulator bus will also go back to its regular late-night schedule.  

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced in mid-May, that nightclubs and large sporting venues would fully reopen, with mixed responses from her constituents.

“This is equal parts petrifying and fabulous,” journalist Amy Wilson-Chapman tweeted.

Another Twitter user noted if nightclubs could be fully open, then, he felt, schools should do so for in-person learning as well.

“We’re going to have packed nightclubs before schools resume anything close to full time, in-person learning. What a catastrophe,” one person tweeted.  

Some popular District nightclubs, such as the Park at 14th, noted that the venue will remain open solely as a food establishment, despite the loosening restrictions.  The Park at 14th, affectionately known as “Park or The Park,” by most of the people who frequented the venue, was known to have celebrity guests and lines wrapping around the block with folks well-dressed and waiting to enter into the establishment.

“We have decided that we don’t want the clubs, that we don’t want nightlife,” said owner Marc Barnes according to WUSA 9.  “We want you to do your birthday party, we want to be more speakeasy.”

“Nightlife has become too much,” Barnes added.

While the Park might not be the spot people are stumbling out of late in need of public transportation, the D.C. Circulator will be up and running for all those night owl’s near the transportation’s routes.

“Full service will be reinstated on all D.C. Circulator routes on ! Enjoy late-night service now on the Dupont Circle- Rosslyn, Adams Morgan-Woolley Park, and Georgetown-Union Station routes,” Mayor Bowser tweeted on June 8.

One social media user retweeted the Mayor’s announcement with the caption, “This is great news for getting around D.C.”

Another person, in homage to the Baltimore House song, “Percolator” (sometimes spelled “Perculator”) and new City Girls twerk anthem, “ Twerkulator,” tweeted: “it’s time for the Circulator.”

According to the Circulator’s website, fares are $1 and can be paid with a D.C. SmarTrip card.

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Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor