A Washington, D.C. lawyer is in the process of releasing his second children’s book to inspire the growth of young minds.

“When we are determined to find a way, a way will reveal itself,” Ryan Jones, Washington, D.C.-based lawyer told the AFRO about his experience writing his second children’s book, titled Spiraling Stair Steps. The publication is a poetry book that uses science-based theories and spirituality to describe life. The book is slated to be released on Nov. 11.

D.C.-based lawyer Ryan Jones has written a children’s book. (Courtesy Photo)

“I began writing one day at work,” he told the AFRO. “I was in a file room with other attorneys. I was thinking there is no way I have gone through different phases in my life to really be stuck here in a file room for 10 hours a day. I began to do research on different subjects and the idea just came to me.”

His first book Dream Forever, a 22-page poetry book, was published in August, and focused on teaching children who are between the ages of three and nine to listen and stop at nothing to fulfill their dreams.

Jones, who self-publishes, said: “I found that self-publishing allows you to be in control of your art,” Jones said. “This can be a good or bad thing, but we are living in a time where excuses are harder to find; and quality art and products identify themselves. And this can help the American community by enabling us to get our ideas to market – and if quality – will provide good substance for our community.”

Jones plans on writing more children’s book in the future and wants to continue expanding his law firm.

Jones said Dream Forever creates a difference in the community because “when you look at academics in the Black community there is a lot of missed information. In our academic system, we don’t create hunger and thirst for information or knowledge for students to want to go back to school and pursue an education. This children’s book might give them the desire that they may want to learn and be engaged.”

Jones attended St. John’s College High School in Washington D.C. From high school, he went to Stony Brook University in New York to receive his bachelors in psychology. He earned a juris doctor degree at the Southern Illinois School of Law. Jones also earned a master of law degree in intellectual property from The George Washington University Law School.

Jones said he founded his own firm, Ryan L. Jones Law, to help friends and people in the community. His law firm focuses on copyright and trademark counseling.

Dream Forever is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.