The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum, located on 12th Street, N.W., has begun a transition to the Grimke School Building – which is adjacent to the Civil War Monument – after receiving a $5 million capital improvement grant from the city. Although museum officials hoped to enter the new 10,000-square-feet facility by September, minor setbacks have temporarily led them to the nearby historic Thurgood Marshall Center beginning on Sept. 1.

“This is still Washington, D.C. where everything costs more than you think and takes longer than anyone ever thinks,” said Dr. Frank Smith, founder and director of the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation, in a statement. “As hard as we worked to get Grimke ready on time, we are just not going to make it in time to meet our September date.”

With construction still in the works at its final destination, museum leaders are happy to call on the Thurgood Marshall Center, which will provide additional space for audiovisual equipment, artifacts, documents and meeting spaces.

When the new museum is complete at Grimke, it will include interactive displays, microfilm readers and new exhibits. The museum will also have a larger stage to accommodate liver performances, lectures and living history presentations.

The museum is the nation’s first and only national memorial dedicated to “Colored” troops in the Civil War.

The museum is temporarily located at the Thurgood Marshall Center, 1816 12th St., N.W. For more information and museum times, visit