NFL stadiums aren’t the only places Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant may be barred from during the current league lockout. According to reports, a Dallas police statement claims Bryant and a group of friends were ejected from NorthPark Center on March 19 by off-duty officers after security warned them about sagging their pants, exposing their underwear.

But Bryant told that his pants were pulled up, but some of his friends did have their pants sagged. “It really wasn’t me in the wrong,” Bryant stated. “It’s not even an issue.”

Dallas Police reported that Bryant and his friends weren’t charged with any criminal offenses, but they were officially issued a warning for not complying with a police request. The police report also stated that Bryant cursed at the officers when he was confronted, which led to his and his friends being escorted from inside the upscale mall. “What the , you stopped me like I stole something,” Bryant was quoted as saying, according to the Associated Press.

Bryant, apparently, refused to leave the mall, parking his vehicle in a fire lane outside the center until his attorney could arrive, but one of his friends eventually persuaded him to leave, according to reports. claims WFAA-TV reported that the 22-year-old pro athlete is now banned from North Park Mall for three months, but Bryant tweeted on March 22 that those claims are false.

“Headed to North Park tomorrow to get these Lebrons ,” Bryant said via twitter. “I am not banned from North park lol .”