Apply for the DC Community Heritage Project Grant by May 8. The DCCHP is a partnership between the Humanities Council and the DC Historic Preservation Office. This program is designed to provide funding and support to community leaders interested in preserving the history, architecture, and collective memory of their neighborhoods.  The DCCHP is local history at a grassroots level, placing control of the narrative in the hands of those who create it. These grants are awarded in mid-June, and the final product is due in October. In December, each DCCHP grantees present their work at the DC Community Heritage Project Showcase and Symposium, a public event celebrating historic preservation in Washington, DC. Past grantees have produced documentary films, oral history projects, digital archives, walking tours, and many other types of educational materials.  For more information and to apply, visit: http://www.wdchumanities.org/humanities-programs/the-dc-community-heritage-project/.