By Tyra Wilkes, Special to the AFRO

Now eating fresh and healthy foods is even easier for those receiving government assistance. FRESHFARM Markets, the Washington Metropolitan based grocer, will match every dollar spent by recipients of nutrition benefit programs.  SNAP (EBT/Food Stamps), WIC, and Senior Farmers Market benefits are accepted at all FRESHFARM locations, allowing recipients to double their spending power and bring home fresh fruits and vegetables to their families. Last year, they reached nearly $100,000 in matching dollars.

Their Farmer’s Market community is a huge one, made up of fifteen locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, and provides consumers with locally produced goods. “On a broad scale, FRESHFARM is working to make sure that there’s fresh, local food available to the entire region across D.C., Maryland, and Virginia,” said FRESHFARM Executive Director Julia Feder.

The giveback program is ideal for those interested in healthier eating but aren’t sure if they can afford it on their income. As the majority of the markets are located on metro lines, most low-income singles and families, or those living in shelters can easily access this nutritional resource.

Along with their expansive community of markets, FRESHFARM gets up close and personal with the D.C. public school students through their FoodPrints program, where they educate children on the benefits of healthy eating, in addition to teaching them harvesting skills and culinary techniques. “The kids get so excited about eating kale and radishes and we’re able to introduce them to foods they otherwise wouldn’t be interested in,” said Feder.