By Tyra Wilkes, Special to the AFRO

A Glenarden man is looking to preserve the D.C culture in the midst of the gentrification boom that has taken the city by storm with a webshow titled, “DMV Certified”.

Hail Zel and camerawoman Adey J are making their rounds to the most popular hotspots in the area—most recently the Goodman Games in the Barry Farm (intimately known as The Farms) community—to test bystanders on their knowledge of what once was chocolate city.

Hail Zel (Courtesy Screenshot/

“DMV Certified was started to give the people something different. is so unique, we wanted to do something to capture that while having fun in the process,” the animated host says of the show that educates gentrifiers on the vibrant culture of the city, while giving natives an extreme case of nostalgia with trivia questions like, “what time did they go to the pancake house in the Overnight Scenario?”

In between laughs, viewers get a 20-minute glimpse into the true beauty of The District and the diverse community of people that make this city so remarkable. Constance, a bystander who was celebrating her 58th birthday in episode 1, left viewers with a few subtle, yet powerful, words of advice, “Let’s make peace, not war. If you really want something in life, you must go for it because dreams can come true.”