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By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. Editor

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Chancellor Lewis Ferebee took to Twitter to offer hints about the 2021-2022 school year, and while there is still a lot unclear about how schools will run, it is clear that virtual learning will be a factor.

“While we are taking steps to bring more students back to the classroom, we also know that virtual learning will remain part of a DCPS education this school year and next,” Ferebee tweeted on Feb. 25.

“That’s why today our educators are participating in a Virtual Learning Conference to explore ways to enhance our virtual learning practices,” the Chancellor added.  

The Chancellor’s tweet about virtual learning was not his first time suggesting that distant educational options would continue for the foreseeable future for families who feel most safe keeping their students gaining knowledge from home.  However, many on social media, begged for further clarification on Ferebee’s future in-person and virtual learning plans.

Many social media users expressed the desire for DCPS to officially reopen for in-person learning, keeping the virtual learning options available for families who desire to keep their students at home.

“I hope you are referring to parents who choose virtual due to personal risk tolerance,” a Twitter user who goes by Kelly B wrote. Once teachers are vaccinated, our kids need to be learning in person 5 days a week.  Don’t make us leave for private school.”

“Our kids need to be back in school.  Create a citywide virtual option for kids who need it and then reopen DCPS,” Twitter user Katherine Demedis commented on the Chancellor’s tweet.

“For clarification the default model next school year at is in-person learning and schools are planning accordingly as they prepare FY-22 budgets.  However, there are lessons learned from the virtual posture that we can take into the future to advance student outcomes.

“Thank you for this intentionally vague and clouded clarification,” one Twitter user wrote. “DCPS is out here razoring budgets, removing student-facing positions and promising summer school and 21-22 tutoring programs that they have no staffing for.  Parents, buckle up.  You’re about to get the teacher treatment of broken promises.”

“Default model? It’s the ONLY proven educational model.  Don’t let this pandemic rob our kids futures.  Vaccinate all teachers and get our kids back,” a Twitter user named Kent Mitchell (@KentM79)

Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor