Officials said the streetcar should be in service before the end of 2014.

Washington D.C. is a step closer to its initiative to operate streetcars along the H Street corridor in Northeast.

“We’re really doing well,” Reggie Sanders, director of communications for the District Department of Transportation said, July 21. “We’re at the point now where the cars have been serviced, for about a month, in preparation for bringing them back to H street.”

According to Sanders, the streetcar project should begin before the end of 2014.

He said five cars are being tested from July 22 to July 24, and the sixth, is being delivered from Portland, Ore.

“This is the final time we will move them, so they will be there forever,” he said.

DDOT tested the streetcars between the Hopscotch bridge and Langston Golf Course on Benning Road.

A car barn that is adjacent to Springarn High School on Benning Road is under construction to house and conduct maintenance on the system’s six cars. It should be operational by mid-August, Sanders said.

Residents of the corridor need to park within the white boxes to ensure their vehicles are not in the way of the streetcars. If they do not, they are subject to $100 tickets or towing.

Prices of tickets and towing could increase as the streetcars get closer to opening for service, he said.

D.C. hasn’t had streetcar service in the last 50 years.

Sanders said DDOT has been working on the streetcar project for seven years since it ordered its first cars.

“This is milestone for the cars to come back to the tracks,” he said.