By Jessica Dortch
AFRO Production Editor

(Updated 08/11/2020) Firefighters and first responders were called to the 4200 Block of Labyrinth Road early on Aug. 10 due to reports of an explosion. Residents of the neighborhood suspect a gas leak caused the explosion that demolished three row homes, leaving many trapped and one dead.

Early on Aug. 10 three row homes in Northwest Baltimore exploded, with many trapped and one dead. (Photo courtesy of Twitter @BaltimoreFire)

Over 100 firefighters arrived on the scene, rescuing seven people who were transported to the hospital with injuries, five of which are in critical condition. The search continued throughout the day and a second person was found dead among the rubble. Information on the person’s status has not yet been released. Firefighters are still actively searching for other residents who might still be trapped under the rubble.

Surrounding residents reported hearing the blast and feeling the vibrations from up to a mile away. The cause of the explosion is currently under investigation.    

There is a makeshift donation center in the parking lot of Applebees in the Reisterstown Road Plaza, accepting donations of clothing, food and water for displaced victims. 

This story has been updated to reflect recent findings in this tragic situation.