By AFRO Staff

Long-time friends Greg Greenway and Reggie Harris team up for a new presentation. “Deeper Than the Skin” is an electric musical presentation that explores their unique history as a White man from the capital of the Confederacy and a Black man whose maternal ancestor was a slave on a plantation just outside of Richmond, Va. Together, they’ve built a bridge between their lives through 30 years of friendship, shared goals and a passion to build community. “‘Deeper Than the Skin’ is an absolutely amazing experience,” says Selma Civil Rights activist Rev. Gordon Gibson, author of Southern Witness, Knoxville, Tenn., in a review of the production.  

In another review by the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Greg Greenway musical talent is noted as “difficult to categorize.”   

Greg Greenway and Reggie Harris, long-time friends, team up for a new presentation. (Courtesy Photo)

“Greenway is one of those artists who is so rich a talent that it is difficult to categorize him. He traverses, combines and mixes up musical genres and manages to open a window on global events that bring us together as citizens of the world. Like other great performers before him, Greenway’s message is that we can all play a part and make a difference in the course of both our private and public lives. But few musicians can do just this with such style, passion and sheer musicality.” 

A songwriter of great depth and insight, Reggie Harris writes from a personal but accessible place that reveals his deep sense of humanity and a uniquely positive world view. He is a trailblazer who performs for audiences of all ages. Harris is a teaching artist for the John F Kennedy Center’s CETA program, a Woodrow Wilson Scholar and the director of music education for the UU Living Legacy Project. He is a master song leader who deeply values the power of song and the dignity of every human being. Reggie’s effervescently humorous and hopeful presence has led fans to label him the “Ambassador of Joy, Hope, and Freedom.” (

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