Allegations of improprieties by Michigan Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree Jr., already under censure for emailing shirtless pictures to various people, have been referred to the state’s Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC) for review and possible action.

McCree, the son of a legendary Black lawyer who served as U.S. solicitor general under President Jimmy Carter, is now facing allegations that he impregnated a woman who says she had sex with him in his courthouse chambers, according to the Detroit News Dec. 8.

The judge initially filed a complaint with the Detroit prosecutors claiming that the woman was stalking him. The woman, Geniene La’Shay Mott, told reporters she met McCree when she had a child support case on his docket, and that she and McCree had engaged in an intimate relationship.

The judge’s stalking complaint was dismissed by the prosecutors who then turned the matter over to the JTC, which had previously publicly censured McCree in October for emailing a shirtless photo of himself to a number of people, including a married female Wayne County Sheriff’s Department deputy who worked as a bailiff in his courtroom, according to the Detroit News. McCree admitted that his emailing of the photo was “a serious error in judgment”.

Following the censure, the judge was criticized for not taking the matter seriously while being interviewed by a reporter. When he was interviewed about the texted photos, McCree said: “There’s no shame in my game.”