Diggy Simmons says he is not letting the success of his father, the Rev. Run, formerly of legendary Hip-Hop group Run DMC, or his uncle, Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons, dictate his own style and career path as a rapper. “I’m not trying to walk in their footsteps, I love what I do because I love it and it’s my calling,” said Diggy. “I have my own goals that I want to reach and the people around me are focused on ‘Diggy’ as an artist and a person and not trying to make me do what they did.”

You might remember Diggy as the playful young teenager on MTV’s hit reality sitcom “Run’s House” and it was usually his older brother JoJo who had his eyes set on music stardom. “Originally it wasn’t even me having the idea of being a rapper, like late 2008 – early 2009 I started writing to get things off my chest and express myself and that turned into me putting out my first mixtape,” said Diggy.

One of the music industry’s biggest record labels, who are responsible for growing young artists like singer/actress Brandy into superstars, got a hold of one of his mixtapes and quickly offered a recording contract.

Before the ink on the contract could dry, Diggy’s star began to rise, as he co-headlined the Scream Tour with young boy group and personal friends of his, Mindless Behavior all while piecing together his debut album.

“Being a headliner of my own tour is just an amazing feeling, the fact that I was considered being on it and everyone just embracing what I have been doing in my music, it’s just a great feeling,” said Diggy.

As for his first major release? “It’s about life experiences and the things that I go through whether it’s a relationship with a girl or just life stuff — there is a title for it but I haven’t released it yet,” said Diggy. “I’m so proud of it, it’s on a larger scale than anything I have done before from the lyrical content to the subject matter and production, I think it’s going to be great for music and I’m proud to say that.”

The title isn’t the only thing Diggy’s being tight lipped about, he says there are several features on the album but we have to wait for the album to drop at the top of 2012 to find out who.

In the midst of being excited with his new found fame and the ever changing world of touring and prepping an album, Diggy has not forgotten his ultimate goal. “I want to make great music that makes people happy and take it past Hip-Hop and change the misconception, because it’s not always put in the greatest light,” said Diggy. “I hope to do something great for Hip-Hop.”

We can’t wait to see what he has to offer!

Marcus A. Williams

Special to the AFRO