According to a report issued by the American Cancer Society, the District of Columbia now has one of the lowest smoking rates in the nation at 15.2 percent. The numbers represent a drop of fiver percentage points from 24.3 percent between 2005-2009.

The American Cancer Society estimates there are 23, 500 fewer adult smokers in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and 6,200 fewer future premature deaths resulting from smoking. In addition, the organization found the city will save more than $223 million in future health care costs related to tobacco-induced illnesses and $20.1 million in Medicaid costs.

“This campaign focused on proven practices to reduce tobacco use,” said Peter G. Shields, volunteer chair of the American Cancer Society Government Relations Advocacy Committee, in a press release. “It had a broad base of community partners, a significantly funded media campaign to motivate smokers to quit and youth to reject tobacco, and support services to help people quit.”