By Stephen D. Riley, Special to AFRO

Sex, bigotry and racism—Washington, D.C., has it all, and I’m not even talking about politics. If you’re a sports fan trapped in the District I don’t know who you’re more ashamed of after the first week of May, the Wizards or the Washington football team. If allegations from the Washington football cheerleaders turn into a #MeToo movement then things will go from worst to ‘what the ?’

Never mind a mediocre football team that lost its starting receivers core a year ago before losing its starting quarterback this offseason, Washington has bigger fish to fry. The constant clamoring for a name change sits on owner, Daniel Snyder’s doorsteps like a stray cat, but he’ll have a whole new media massacre if it turns out that Washington’s cheerleaders were part of some big-time, pimp-and-play program.

Alleged victims reported topless photo shoots on a 2013 trip to Costa Rica surrounded by team sponsors and stadium suite holders, according to a New York Times article. The cheerleaders also allege they were asked to be escorts for sponsors at a nightclub. If those allegations are found to be true, the football season could be over before it even started.

If the TV series “Scandal” focused on the dirty world of politics then maybe it’s time for an updated series starring the whole collection of inept Washington teams. It would be headed by the Washington football team, costarring the Wizards as its bundling sidekick and the Capitals as one of the just-good-but-not-elite characters that sits in every protagonist’s corner.

The area deserves better. For the taxes, traffic and trash flowing around the District and through the White House, sports fans in the area should be compensated better. If only I lived in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania, states and towns with real sports and real fans I would have something real to write about relating to sports. Instead, we’re talking about wannabe pimps and forced near-prostitution.

Amazing, but not surprising. After all, just down Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House sits a man accused of engaging in an alleged “pay-for-play” affair with porn actress Stormy Daniel. Thanks Donald Trump; you’ve been an inspiration.


Stephen D. Riley

Special to the AFRO