Ebony King is the founder of Better Me Box, a subscription based quarterly, self-care box. (Courtesy Photo)

By Micha Green
AFRO D.C. Editor

Along with the confusion, health anxieties and sudden need to rely on delivery services that came with quarantining due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were shows, news publications and social media posts offering productivity tips to make the most out required time at home.  Most posts and stories focus on effective use of quarantine time that starts with becoming a better version of oneself.  For Better Me Box Founder and D.M.V. native Ebony King, who has often put self-care at the forefront of her adult life, the mandated time at home allowed for her to bring a longtime vision to life and provide resources for others to become a better version of themselves with tools and goodies that last far beyond quarantine.

“I thought of this idea so long ago, but just really didn’t have the courage to do it,” said King, who stepped out on faith and used the quarantine to further develop this years-long idea. “The pandemic has given me a lot of free time, so I’m home all day, every day.  I don’t think would have happened if I was still going into the office every day.”

With very little time, King said she was able to execute the launch of Better Me Box keeping three factors in mind that she offers as advice for other emerging entrepreneurs: “take risks,” “don’t be afraid to ask for help,” and “do your research.”  Taking heed to her own advice, as difficult as it may have seemed at times, King launched the Better Me Box website on Jan. 30.

Already an avid lover and advocate for self-care, King began using the quarantine to delve deeper into the joy of reading a good story.  From her rediscovered love of reading, the challenges the world was facing in 2020 and her stored ideas regarding a business surrounding personal development, King went back to her entrepreneurial goals and developed Better Me Box- a subscription box that offers books and treats for subscribers.

Having already subscribed to certain care boxes, such as for hair and vitamins, King had already been attracted to the subscription box model.  Yet, she also learned certain dos and don’ts based on her own experiences, which allowed King to make strong, intentional decisions when it came to her own business venture.

“ is a recurring delivery of products, and that can be at any cadence- weekly, monthly, bi-weekly.  Better Me Box is a quarterly subscription box so it will be delivered every three months to customers. So each box has a book- just a good read picked by myself- and different self-care gifts from small, Black-owned businesses,” King said to the AFRO in a Facebook Live interview.

A good story, self-care and supporting small businesses are things King is not new to, but true to- and the millennial entrepreneur emphasized that Better Me Box is an amalgamation of much of what she has always loved and endorsed.

“I feel like Better Me Box is just a combination of everything I’m about. At this point, reading- good books; self care- I’m just always trying to make myself better. It’s funny because when I first thought of Better Me Box it was more so personal development than self care, that’s the route that I was taking, how to be a better version of yourself.  And then it kind of turned into self-care, because I feel like, being a better version of yourself does not always mean, ‘Oh I’m taking a class to level up,’ or ‘I’m doing this and that.’  Sometimes it just means relaxing because that’s what makes you feel better in that moment,” King explained passionately. “And I just love supporting small businesses, specifically Black owned brands.  I have so many friends, or just acquaintances, who have small businesses, and I’m always supporting; even if I’m not purchasing, I’m posting or letting somebody know about it.  So, combining all those three factors is Better Me Box.”

While the box will always come with a different book, subscribers will be surprised with the other goodies featured in the Better Me Box, which King hinted could come from Black artisans varying from candle crafters to jewelry makers.

The Better Me Box website allows those interested to further delve into the brand and its story, while also offering subscription or one-time purchase options for customers.

Further, while there’s a uniting factor, as people all over the globe will be receiving similar boxes with the same good reads, when registering as a subscriber, there are easy-to-answer, simple questions, so that King can also customize and add unique flair to individual boxes.

For more information or to purchase a Better Me Box visit: https://thebettermebox.com/.


Micha Green

AFRO Washington, D.C. Editor