What a sight it is to see maniacal radio show host Rush Limbaugh grovel.

After issuing a perfunctory statement last weekend he called an “apology” to the Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke – a young woman he called a “slut” and a “prostitute” – the backlash against him has only increased.

Now, as I write this, a dozen companies and counting have pulled their advertising from his radio show – allegedly the most popular conservative radio talk show in America – and in doing so are pulling major dollars out of Limbaugh’s ample pockets.

So, now we see Limbaugh, perhaps the most arrogant and ignorant man in America grovel like a hog rooting in his own slop.

What a sight to see…

Limbaugh and Clear Channel the company that distributes his radio show hopes his on-air “heartfelt” apology will be enough to stem the swelling tide of criticism against him. They hope that his bogus apology will be enough to quell the burgeoning din of protest against him.

Not this time…

Limbaugh leveled his verbal assault upon Fluke for three straight days. He didn’t just stop at calling the 30-year old law student a slut and a prostitute he argued she and other women should post videos of their sexual exploits on the internet for all to watch. Finally, Limbaugh said Fluke’s parents should not be proud of their daughter.
His apology means nothing and Fluke has publicly rejected it.

Think about this; if he spewed this much hatred and poison on the air imagine the things Limbaugh – who has been married four times and has no children – says about Fluke and other women off the air.

Remember what Limbaugh said last November about Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States?

He referred to her as “uppity,” and we know what that means. Of course Limbaugh conveniently left off the one word racist, cowards use when they bandy about the word uppity…nigger.

But, we know what he meant. Limbaugh’s been pedaling his garbage for two decades!

In April 2007 when veteran radio show host Don Imus referred to Black members of Rutgers University women’s basketball team as, “nappy headed hoes,” the Black community – led most demonstrably by Rev. Al Sharpton – and others fought ferociously to remove Imus from the airwaves. We kept our foot on the accelerator we didn’t give up or give in until Imus was off the air and rightfully so. It doesn’t matter that he eventually got back on the air it was a victory for our community in general and the young women of Rutgers – who handled themselves with incredible class and dignity through it all – specifically and most importantly.

In 2007, the young women of Rutgers embarked upon an extraordinary path towards the NCAA national championship game led by legendary coach C. Vivian Stringer only to be dismissed as nappy headed hoes by Imus.

We dropped the hammer on that fool and we should be just as outraged at Limbaugh’s treatment of Sandra Fluke.

When I see Fluke I see a young woman trying to make it in this world like my mother was in the 1960’s.

She was married when she was 19, had me at age 20 while almost simultaneously going to school to become a nurse. Also, while still in her 20’s my mother became one of the first Black women in the mid-Atlantic to become a sales representative for a national pharmaceutical company. In her early 30’s she became one of the first Black women to become a sales representative for a major liquor distributor.

When I see the Rutgers women from 2007 and Sandra Fluke I see young women trying to do something for themselves like my 18 year-old niece.

She graduated from her high school last year – while tears streamed down her uncle’s face – as salutatorian of her class and then went on to get straight A’s this past fall in her first semester in college.

My niece – I am very proud to say – is making her way in this world and she and all women deserve the space and freedom to operate and make a way for themselves without being arbitrarily attacked or assaulted verbally physically or otherwise.

We have no right to sit by idly while bullies like Limbaugh attempt to diminish, disregard and set aside our mothers, daughters, nieces, sisters and wives.

Now that we’ve got Limbaugh low and wallowing in his own garbage this isn’t the time to let him up. This is the time to keep our foot on his neck… and increase the pressure.

Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor