Douglass students never tire of celebrating the greatness of their school and it alumna, so the Class of 1976 recently rolled out the Red Carpet and hosted a reunion to be remembered. Until the next one.

“We, who are members of the reunion committee have continued to receive accolades since the evening of the banquet gala,” said Carolyn Powers-Brown. “It was a huge success.”

The event was held, Oct. 22, at the Diamondz Events Banquet Hall in Randallstown and they danced until 2 a.m. But it wasn’t just their class. They invited members from the classes of 1974 and 1975.

And the celebration continued the next day when they all worshiped at Faith Christian Fellowship World Outreach, 9304 Winands Road in Owings Mills, followed by a group dinner at the Hibachi Grill on Liberty Road.

“We’ve had reunions every five years since graduating, and each year the committee works hard to connect with more students than the year before,” Powers-Brown said.
“In fact, there were at least seven first timers this year.”

She said each was presented with a gift.

She then began to name the notable alumni from Douglass, including Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall; Jazz legend, Cab Calloway and Rep. Parren J. Mitchell, to name a few.

In spite of the negative image some have of Douglass presently, “We are proud to have graduated from the historic Frederick Douglass Senior High School,” she said.

“Douglass provided us with a foundation that has propelled some into lucrative and rewarding careers and all into becoming hard-working, upstanding, law-abiding citizens of this country.”

Conscientious about the legacy they leave, this class made a contribution to the Dr. Thomas H. DeLaine Sr. Scholarship Fund to honor their beloved band leader who joined them for the evening, along with his wife, Afro Lifestyle columnist, A. Lois DeLaine.

“And we had at least ten of his former band members,” Powers-Brown said.

“I believe it’s the largest number we’ve had a previous reunion.”

She said the event gave them the opportunity to reflect on the history of the school, as well as, on popular songs and entertainers, dances, fashions of the times when they were in high school and the vote to name classmates best dressed, having the best smile, the sexiest, having the best afro and most likely to succeed.

In addition to Powers-Brown, who is parliamentarian, reunion committee members included her twin sister Carol A. Powers (King), chairperson; James Joyce, co-chair, Gwendolyn Thornton, recording secretary; Florence Macklin, communications officer, Stephanie Makle and Twila J. Davis Terrell.

Powers-Brown said classmates who missed this reunion should know the next one is just around the corner.