Radio show host, Danni Starr, from The Fam In the Morning on DMV R&B ad Hip-Hop station WKYS, suddenly quit Thursday morning after she being blindsided by her co-hosts, QuickSilva and DJ 5’9, on the air.

Danni Starr (center) called out her co-hosts DJ QuickSilva (left) and DJ 5’9’’(right) after her personal business was discussed on the show. (Courtesy photo)

The show got heated when QuickSilva and DJ 5’9 brought an unnamed woman on the show that applied to be Danni Starr’s babysitter. On the March 6 episode, Danni Starr mentioned she would not hire the woman because when she applied via Instagram, she felt the applicant was too beautiful to have in her home.

“I am not dangling you in front of my man,” Danni said on Tuesday’s episode.

The woman who applied heard the episode, according to QuickSilva and 5’9 and said she wanted to tell her side of the story on the Thursday, International Women’s Day, episode.

Danni felt blindsided by her co-hosts bringing the woman on the show, saying she did not know about it in normal show prep, yet, although seemingly frustrated, continued with the show and agreed to speak to the woman.

Once the woman got on the show, it turned into a back and forth shouting match, resulting in Danni leaving the show.

QuickSilva and 5’9 continued the episode and allowed the woman to share why she felt discriminated against.

In a Facebook Live and statement later that day Danni expressed disappointment in her co-hosts.

“What happened today was stupid and a whole lot of other adjectives, but I don’t believe the guys even thought it all the way through. What was, I’m assuming, intended to be a joke, backfired. They aren’t malicious dudes, I’ve worked with the worst of the worst. And these guys are NOT those guys,” she wrote.

QuickSilva, on the other hand claimed the stunt was planned, but apologized to Danni Starr nonetheless.

After her initial statement showing her co-hosts some grace, Danni Starr posted on her social media, “Temporarily Closed for Spiritual Maintenance.”

For now, it is unclear if Danni Starr will continue on The Fam In the Morning.