Balloons and other items form a memorial on the spot where a family was left devastated in Northeast Baltimore.

It was about 2 a.m. when a phone call summoned firefighters to the two-story row house in the Frankford neighborhood. Flames were licking at every window and door.

An older man jumped from a window. Shade Worrell was able to get out with her 2-month old son, but her two other children, Darryl Stewart III, 4, and Kniyah Scott, 2, perished in the blaze, along with two other children, Tykia Marley, 7, and tiny James Holden, 1. Worrell’s mother, Nancy, also died.

A week later, Worrell was scheduled to bury her family and try to pick up whatever pieces she could of her life. The home, in the 5600 block of Deanwood Avenue, was left uninhabitable.

“The first unit arriving on the scene reported heavy fire showing from the basement, first floor, and the second floor,” said Captain Roman Clarke, spokesman for the Baltimore City Fire Department. “There was a gentleman that jumped from a second story window and we transported him to an area hospital.”

Clarke could not say if the home had a smoke alarm. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Charred clothing and other belongings of the family could be seen on the side of the home.

Neighbors are still in shock.

“The little girl used to come down to my house and play with my niece,” said DavidStevenson. “It hurts because I’m so used to seeing her everyday she was just like a niece to me.”

Stevenson, who has lived in the community for 35-years, said Tykia and his niece attended the same elementary school.

“I was shocked to hear it. I just kept saying ‘You’re kidding me.’ I just hoped it wasn’t her.”

One neighbor said he was awakened by family members who heard the fire crackling and saw the bright flames from the back of the home, one street over.

The entire block was evacuated.

Funerals were expected to be held Oct. 18.