Former Washington Wizards coach Eddie Jordan is back among the unemployed after ending a second straight NBA season by being fired.
The Washington, D.C. native was relieved from his duties as head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers on April 15 after just one season on the job. Jordan was fired by the Wizards last year.
76ers team president and general manager Ed Stefanski told the media his club took an “unacceptable” step in the wrong direction after reaching the playoffs the two previous seasons before Jordan’s arrival.
“What I thought would happen did not occur,” Stefanski told the Associated Press. “The decision was not the right one.”
Stefanski believed Jordan’s Princeton-style offense, which emphasizes passing, movement, and teamwork, would be the missing piece that would take the 76ers to the next level. Instead, star players were disgruntled with the system and struggled to win consistently, finishing with a poor 27-55 overall record to miss the postseason for the first time in three years.
Philly will now look for its fourth coach in three years.
“We’re not starting over,” said Stefanski, who has been criticized for his own poor management decisions, but claims he still has front office support. “We just took a step backward. We will have to make changes, no question.”
Meanwhile, Jordan will be back on the hunt for a job, but he will have cash to hold him over until he finds work—he still has two years left on his Philadelphia contract and is owed $6 million by the team.