By Sharon Williams,
Special to the AFRO

God help us all.
We need each other now more than ever.
We have to stop the violence against each other and show PRIDE in who we are again:
Beautiful, INTELLIGENT, creative, strong and resilient black people,
God will help those who help themselves.
Go back to the roots of black people.
Unity was the key to victory.
Through religion and our LOVE for each other,
As a whole, we survive trials and tribulations.
United we stand, divided we fall.
It’s not just us killing us.
It’s society killing us too.
Wake up before it’s too late for all of us.
We have to keep hope alive for ourselves and our children:
Forget about the job hassles–
Put hope in your children’s future.
Spend time with your children. Teach them about the Bible and the games you grew up on, like board games, tic tac toe, connect the dots, jump rope, hopscotch, nursery rhyme games, catch, marbles, baseball, basketball, etc., which cost little or nothing, instead of being on social media, playing video games, and watching television.
Take them to the library on the weekends to read all kinds of children’s books about life that they can take home, which is free, since they cannot read them in school.
Let them know about their African heritage and all our history in America.
Give them an identity so they can feel good about themselves.
For example, there is a book named A Lesson from History
Which states Africa was the first civilization.
We invented MANY things in many fields known to man in Africa and America.
We were Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses in Africa.
The first people that existed were traced back to Africa.
Parents, educate your children so they can feel good about themselves and know their true history, which is not taught in school.
Go to the library and spend time with your children and show them that you care about their future and their true identity in the world today.
They will never forget this experience with you.
Our children are wandering in the wilderness of life.
It is up to us to give them an identity and guidance to a more positive, motivating, rewarding and secure future.
Let’s please stop the violence and show our pride and LOVE toward each other again.

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