February 10, 2016
Contact: Dan Weber
Edwards’ Amendment On Gun Violence Research Considered as Democratic Motion to Recommit
Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards’ (MD-4) amendment was considered as the Democratic motion to recommit to H.R. 3293, the Scientific Research in the National Interest Act.  Rep. Edwards’ amendment would add “increasing the understanding of the causes and prevention of gun violence” to the list of topics considered to be in the national interest in the underlying bill. The motion to recommit was defeated by the Republican majority by a vote of 177-241.
Below is an excerpt from Rep. Edwards’ statement as prepared for delivery:
“We have a gun violence problem in the United States. According to The American Journal of Medicine, compared to other rich countries, Americans are: 25 times more likely to be violently killed with a firearm; 6 times more likely to be accidentally killed with a gun; 8 times more likely to commit suicide using a firearm; and 10 times more likely to die from a gun death overall. To address it, Americans deserve the facts and Congress needs the breadth and data of the epidemic.
“Just think if we were able to use the public health approach to address our gun violence epidemic. This is a small, yet powerful step that could lead to significantly reducing the number of Americans killed by firearms. Innocent victims like second-grade teacher NeShante Davis, her daughter Chloe, and all Americans deserve nothing less.  Even if we are able to save just one life, it will have been well worth it.”
To watch Rep. Edwards’ entire statement, please click here.