Charlotte, NC — Shylene Santiago, a self-published author and homeschool mother of eight, has created six multilingual books that bring excitement, song, and dance to many different languages. “The mission of these multilingual books not only help children gain the confidence of speaking in new languages, it also helps parents strengthen their language skills as well,” Santiago said in an interview with Black Connections. In six short months after the launch of Learn A Language 4 Fun, LLC, her business has gained a tremendous amount of exposure and support from educators and parents all around the world.

Shylene Santiago, founder of Learn a Language 4 Fun LLC, with her students. (Courtesy Photo)

Santiago’s youngest was born with a heart defect that required her to step away from her teaching position with Bright Horizons. This sacrifice was necessary to give young Emilio the attention and care he needed. While staying home and focusing on his health she started to homeschool her other children and designed a Spanish lesson plan. The wealth of diversity in their own neighborhood inspired her nine-year-old to request that multiple languages be added to their daily lesson plans. “I want to say ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you?’ in their native language to make them feel comfortable living around us,” urged Anita.

While adjusting to homeschool life and caring for her son, Santiago dedicated 6 hours a day to self-education. She learned the basics of over 25 different languages to create the best foreign language program for children.

What began as a simple task quickly grew into a family business. Santiago asserts that learning different languages has amazing life altering benefits. By introducing your child to different languages, you will increase your child’s confidence and communication skills. “A service like this is a remarkable addition to our community!” states Jazzma Diaz, a local supporter and fan.

Santiago and her children visit nursing homes and daycare centers, vibrantly dressed in fun, colorful clothes, to sing original songs, present historical facts, and even demonstrate how simple learning multiple languages are with her books. “Our children are brilliant and should have full access to multilingual programs that can enhance their minds and help them gain the marketable skills that is needed for black children to excel in the business world,” proclaims Santiago.

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