Former U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holde (left) and Presidential Candidate Hiliary Clinton. (AP Photos/Eric Risberg and Rainier Ehrhardt)

Eric Holder, the first African American to serve as attorney general of the United States, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in what has become a tight Democratic race.

Holder, who stepped down from the Justice Department last year, served with Clinton as part of President Obama’s cabinet. His former colleague, he said in a statement released by Clinton’s campaign, is the best person to carry on the Obama administration’s legacy.

“Our next president can’t shy away from building on the progress of President Obama, which is why Hillary Clinton is the candidate that we need in the White House,” Holder said in the statement. “She has the experience and right judgment to deliver results for families across the country.

Holder specifically praises Clinton’s “bold plans” to address police brutality—an issue of particular concern to the Black community; make college affordable and to “fight for commonsense reforms to U.S. gun laws.

“If we have a Republican president, they would tear down our progress on civil rights, health care, and curbing gun violence. It can’t and won’t happen under Hillary who has spent her life taking on the toughest fights,” he added.

Last week, the Caucus’ chairman, Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., also endorsed Clinton in an op-ed penned on TheGrio.com, a Black news site.

“Hillary Clinton understands the needs of our community,” he said. “From fixing the criminal justice system and reforming the voting process to creating jobs and promoting a diverse workplace, Clinton’s ambitions match our own. Of all the candidates, she is best positioned to better African-American lives.”