By Demetrius Dillard
Special to the AFRO

An attorney based in a Washington, D.C. suburb announced her candidacy for a Prince George’s County Council seat and hopes to gain traction in an election campaign that is well underway.

Eve Shuman, a resident of Riverdale Park, is a former staffer on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and has worked as an adviser for Sen. Chris Van Hollen. She announced her bid for the District 3 seat in the PG County Council race and promised “progressive leadership for a growing community” as she looks for growing support from constituents. 

“This is a campaign about families. This is a campaign about making Prince George’s a really great place to live,” Shuman, a Democrat, told the AFRO.

“My goal is to make living day-to-day easier, day-to-day safer, make sure that when people are looking to move into the DMV region they’re not looking at Prince George’s County as the afterthought or lesser than any other county. They can look at this county and they see us as a place where they can raise their kids and a place to be proud of.”

PG County’s Black residents make up more than 60% of the county population. It is majority-minority and majority female. District 3, which covers towns Berwyn Heights, College Park, Glenn Dale, Landover Hills, Lanham, New Carrollton, Riverdale Park, Seabrook, University Park and several others, has never elected a Black official, according to a statement by Conor Donnan, Shumans’s media relations manager. 

“Eve embodies the modern, racially diverse and politically progressive county,” according to the statement, also highlighting that she is the frontrunner in the open-seat election.

Attorney Eve Shuman, has announced her candidacy for a seat on the PG County Council. (Courtesy of the Friends of Eve Shuman)

The Bronx, N.Y., native was able to raise more than $88,000 in the first six months of her campaign. Run For Something, an organization that supports young progressive candidates with the mission of moving them from non-traditional backgrounds to run for and win state and local offices, has endorsed Shuman. She and her campaign team are awaiting additional endorsements.

Shuman has supported many points of concern that have come to the forefront, including raising the minimum wage, building affordable green housing and tackling racial injustice and inequity.  

In her candidacy announcement from May 2021, Shuman said she plans to tackle a variety of challenges, from affordable childcare to support for women and minority-owned businesses, citing issues such as food deserts and narrow and non-existent sidewalks throughout her community.

“I also know that as parts of our community thrive, others are feeling left behind,” Shuman said in the announcement. 

“But, together, we can address these issues and give the next generation a community that is more livable, resilient, greener and safer.”

The wife and mother of two thinks local residents are tired of political rhetoric and debate, and want to see leadership that can get things accomplished. Shuman envisions a community that is full of opportunity, walkable, secure and absent of food deserts that adversely affect Black residents in particular.

She and her campaign partners have coordinated vigorous outreach efforts, knocking on some 6,000 doors, Shuman said.

“We’ve been really, really pushing and the reason I’ve done so well as essentially a complete newcomer to this arena is because my message has really resonated,” said Shuman, a graduate of Binghamton University and five-year resident of PG County.

“I think we bring an energy that is really appealing to a lot of voters, and I’m seeing that. I’m seeing that at the door, I’m seeing that when we make calls. People are excited for change.”

The District 3 seat is currently held by Danielle Glaros, who has been with the County Council since 2015 and is nearing the end of her second four-year term. The primary election will be on June 28.

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