Former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke is taking a position with the America First Action Network, a conservative-leaning super political action committee targeting GOP lawmakers who don’t vote in line with President Donald Trump’s agenda.

On Tuesday, Clarke announced in an email that he would be moving on from past endeavors, which included a position in the Trump administration that never came to be. This follows an announcement in late August that Clarke had resigned as sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin.

“It gives me the chance to do what I love most – promote President Trump’s agenda, including his fierce support for the American law enforcement officer, and ensure that the will of the American people who got President Trump elected is not derailed by the left or the self-serving Washington establishment,” Clarke said in an email, Politico reported.

America First’s action plan states it plans to drum up support for Trump’s agenda at the local and state level. The group says it will work to thwart anti-Trump groups and even those within the GOP not completely on board with the president.  More….