PHILADELPHIA, PA — Around the Fall of 2019, actor and comedian Bill Cosby was forced to have two major surgeries in-order to sustain his life (prevent him from having a stroke and/or heart attack).

During a visit to the infirmary at SCI-Phoenix for high blood pressure issues, Mr. Cosby was informed that the carotid arteries on the right and left side of his neck had 90% blockage due to plaque build-up. The carotid arteries are the major blood vessels in the neck that supply blood to the brain, neck and face. Those surgeries were done separately, and they were successful. Mr. Cosby now takes medication for high blood pressure and he is 100% blind from glaucoma.

Cosby’s family and supporters recently release a request to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, asking that he amend his recent executive order to grant Mr. Cosby compassionate relief based on his current medical status.

President Donald Trump, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his gubernatorial peers, along with medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, have all stated, “COVID-19 is deadly to the elderly and COVID-19 is deadly to those that suffer from underlying medical issues.

COVID-19 has been deadly to more Blacks and people of color than any other race; and COVID-19 is deadly to those individuals that are in an environment which prevents any form of social distancing (prisons, schools, nursing homes, etc…).

Mr. Cosby was not given a life sentence nor a death sentence, so we are requesting that Gov. Wolf use his gubernatorial powers to show compassion to another human being, Bill Cosby. It has been well documented in the media and by the Secretary of Prisons, John Wetzel, that SCI-Phoenix has been badly infected with the COVID-19 virus.