By Brianna Rhodes, Special to the AFRO

The sixth annual Faith & Fashion Week grand finale took place Nov.16 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Silver Spring, to celebrate the incorporation of faithful fashionistas.

Showcasing many local and east coast talents, the event offered attendees and participants the space to show their love of Christ through fashion. 

Faith & Fashion Week runway models. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

Founded by Quintaria Brunson in 2013, Faith and Fashion Week was created with the intention that artists, designers and entrepreneurs in the Christian community would network and showcase their talents through clothing, beauty, entertainment and more, according to its site. 

The theme of this year’s event, “Exodus: From Bondage to Freedom,” was set to celebrate people’s individual creation by God and set new trends. 

Faith & Fashion Week runway model. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

The events leading up to the finale began Nov. 10 with a Prayer Luncheon and continued with  A Mind, Body and Spirit Conference and A Body Type Workshop.

“Everything that we’re doing tonight is intentional on taking us from places where we do the same ol’ same ol’ and trying to push us to be exactly who God would like us to be through fashion,” Brunson said while hosting the event.  

Faith & Fashion Week children runway models. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

Attendees from all over were present at the finale, with some visiting locally and others visiting from places like California and Las Vegas to see the “trendy, tasteful and hot trends” Faith and Fashion week had to offer. 

“I like that God is getting glory and I think that people need to see people as Christians look good and have fun,” audience member Amira Haynal said at the event. “People have stereotypes about how we’re supposed to look and present ourselves and I believe this platform allows people to see us in more than just long skirts and trying to be conservative all the time. God is a God of diversity and creativity and so for me, that’s what this experesses.”

Xpressions International Dance Group. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

Designers and vendors such as Jewels By Joan II, Temple Apparel and Lifestyle Brand, Men’s Wearhouse and Aramide showcased their luxurious brands of shoes, accessories and clothing at the event and on the runway. 

“When I committed to this, I didn’t know how special this was going to be and I’ve got to tell you that my heart was filled with so much joy that I almost shed a tear,” Manuel Ferrufino, the assistant store manager of Men’s Wearhouse in Columbia said at the event. Men’s Wearhouse was one of the many sponsors for Faith and Fashion Week. 

The Faith & Fashion Week team. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

Participants were also able to enjoy a variety of entertainment acts such as spoken word, raffles, dance performances by Xpressions International Dance Group and musical performances by artists, Edward Byrd, Lomina Balawa, Terri Cann and Tamika Joy.

The Faith & Fashion Week team members thanked people for participating and also expressed their gratitude to Brunson for creating such an impactful event during the end of the show. They announced that they will be taking The Faith and Fashion Week on the road to traveling across the country in the future.  

Brandi Nichole, Faith and Fashion Week’s editorial director described the event as prophetic. She said she believed the Lord is calling his people to break from the many forms of bondage such as mental bondage, generational cycles, causes and more. 

“The Lord has called us to break those things and so I’m just excited that we were able to execute this and be in alignment with the kingdom of heaven,” Nichole said.