Ramarley Graham

The family of Ramarley Graham, a Black teenager who was shot to death by a New York City officer, settled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city for $3.9 million.

“This was a tragic case,” said New York Law Department spokesman Nicholas Paolucci, according to a CBS News story. “After evaluating all the facts, and consulting with key stakeholders such as the NYPD, it was determined that settling the matter was in the best interest of the city.”

According to authorities, narcotics officers spotted Graham adjusting his waistband and, assuming he had a gun, approached the 18-year-old. But Graham took off running to his mother’s home. Richard Haste, a White officer, followed Graham into his mother’s home and fatally shot him once in the chest.

Initially, the officer was indicted on manslaughter charges by a Bronx grand jury, but the judge threw out the case due to a legal technicality, according to The Daily News. The second grand jury declined to indict Haste, who said he fired because he thought Graham had a gun, though no gun was found in the dwelling.

The ongoing investigation is looking into possible violations of civil rights against the NYPD officers who were involved in the Feb. 2, 2012 shooting, the report states.

The federal complaint filed by Graham’s family accused the department of trying to cover up the shooting, failing to properly train officers and engaging in racial discrimination through the stop-and-frisk policy.

According to the terms of the settlement, the teen’s estate will receive $2.5 million; his brother will receive $500,000 and his grandmother $450,000 because they were in the home at the time of the shooting, the Daily News reported. Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, will receive $40,000.

Graham’s death sparked protests in the Bronx and other parts of the city by demonstrators calling for justice.

On the anniversary of his death, his parents and hundreds of supporters marched from the home where he died to the precinct of the officer that killed him. Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm said to the supporters, “We want people to remember what happened to Ramarley and hope another family doesn’t feel the pain we’re feeling. It’s a pain I hope no other parent will have to go through.”