Further denouncing U.S. military action against Libya, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam spoke out against the country’s involvement in Libya and to defend his longtime friend, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

“It’s a terrible thing for me to hear my brother being called all these terrible and filthy names, when I cannot recognize him as that,” Farrakhan said at a March 31 press conference, according to the Final Call newspaper. “So, even though the current tide is moving against him, what kind of brother would I be if…I refused to raise my voice in his defense?”

Farrakhan said Gaddafi loaned millions of dollars to the Nation of Islam and helped the group purchase the building that houses their current headquarters.

He said that while Americans are losing their homes and health care coverage, Gaddafi has provided free health care, free education and free housing to the people of Libya. Additionally, while Libya was once one of the world’s poorest countries, its current per capita annual income of about $14,000 surpasses Egypt’s estimated $6,000 per capita income, Farrakhan said.

Recalling the 2008 presidential campaign, Farrakhan explained that while he spoke highly of Obama, opposing forces attempted to separate the two men and the president gave in. Farrakhan warned that America will suffer massive destruction and death, as a punishment from God for interference in Libyan affairs.

“A major earthquake is on its way to you and me and us,” he said.

The Anti-Defamation League was infuriated by the Islamic leader’s remarks and told ABC’s Chicago affiliate WLS that his press conference “further demonstrates how far outside of the mainstream Farrakhan really is.”

The American Muslim leader first denounced America’s military action against Libya in early March. On Chicago’s WVON radio station, Farrakhan blasted the Obama administration and said their involvement in Libyan affairs was a cover-up to gain control of that country’s oil stock.

“You don’t want to save the Libyan people,” he said during the show. “That’s your noble motive to hide your wicked agenda.”