When Gerald Matthews created GeraldMatthewsCollections and G of NY Clothing in 2003, he couldn’t have imagined the big break that would change the direction of that business. Designing and selling custom clothing on the streets of New York and later, D.C., Matthews was commissioned, in 2008, to design the Presidential Inaugural Seal for the 2009 and 2013 inaugurations.

In November of 2008, when he was selling Obama tee-shirts from the back of his car at an Alvin Ailey Convention, Matthews was presented with the opportunity that he has capitalized on. The commission he received did not come easily, considering that he competed against the likes of designers such as Beyonce and Donna Karan; however, it opened many doors for Matthews.

Since 2008 he has also been commissioned to work for BET Television and the NAACP. He also does volunteer work within his community and abroad.

Although he does not have a shop, Matthews’ clothing can be purchased in inaugural shops, online, or from Matthews himself in the heart of D.C.

He continues to market his clothing regionally throughout the D.C. metropolitan area as well as in New York City with his line of products including custom made hats, jackets, fleeces, tee-shirts, and crystal embedded designs all for under $30.

With acute attention to creative detail GeraldMatthewsCollections captures the dynamism and essence of the emerging political culture of today in a fashionable manner. Matthews believes in his ability to expand and is sure he can cover any demographic in hopes of reaching a broader audience.

When asked about his thoughts on President Obama being inaugurated for a second term he replied, “I’m thankful for Barack…and it is very important that this event is happening on the anniversary of Martin Luther King. It’s very special and heartfelt.”