By Makaila Nelligan-Tarpley
Special to the AFRO

Makaila Nelligan-Tarpley, 14, is from Brookeville, Maryland, who will be entering the ninth grade this fall and enjoys writing in her free time.

Father’s Day- such a simple phrase that holds so many meanings to the people who know of it. From those who give praise to their fathers, to those who receive it, Father’s Day is a time to show appreciation for the men who have helped us grow and flourish as human beings.

An old photo of Makaila Nelligan- Tarpley with her father. (Courtesy Photo)

 It is a time to be thankful for the love that they give and the comfort that they provide. Being a successful father is an extremely hard task. Taking on the responsibility of raising a child to become their best selves is a daunting load of work, but we thank all of the fathers out there that have prevailed at this task. 

Fathers are our superheroes, our saviors and our protectors. Emanating from them is a feeling of safety and love that is hard to replicate- guiding us carefully through life in a way that no other can, and helping us learn how to love and care for others while also teaching us the skills needed to make it on our own. 

Being able to have a father that does all of these things and support you in anything you pursue is truly something that should be cherished in every possible way, which is why we celebrate Father’s Day. This impending day is about them so make it special and remember to thank them for all that they have done for you.