Femi Kuti, son of the late legendary Afro-beat musician turned 50 on July 16, 2012. In this no holds barred interview, the only Nigerian based musician ever to be nominated thrice at the Grammy opened up on the day to day challenges of sustaining the legacies left behind by his late father. He also speaks on his relationship with women and how he was able to overcome the pains of separating from his ex-wife Funke. Excerpts:

What does fifty years mean to you; people say as a golden jubilee, it is supposed to make a man wiser?
Nothing, but I believe I’m wiser and more experienced in age and life but I’m indifferent towards it. Pertaining to celebration, some people are making it look like a glorious day because they appreciate my works, but to me, its just another day that will pass.

Regarding your career, can we talk about the high points of it?
There are so many of it. My first hit was ‘’Wonder-Wonder’’ which won a lot of awards in Nigeria. I was the first Nigerian to win ‘’KORA Award, ‘’World-Music Award and some others. I believe I was the most appreciated Nigerian at the Grammy award even though I haven’t won any yet. I have been nominated for a good number of awards too. I’ve toured extensively all around the world. I’m definitely in ‘the fore front of Afro-beat. The period when ‘’Bang-Bang-Bang’’ became an international hit, it opened so many doors especially to the new generations who did not know my father; they were now able to relate me and my works to him.

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