Lance Reddick has carved his niche in the film industry with standout performances in TV series like “The Wire,” “Lost,” “CSI Miami” and “Oz.” While audiences have come to respect the Baltimore-born actor thespian as a master of film, he’s prepared to introduce the world to his musical skills with debut jazz CD Contemplations & Rememberances.

Available in stores Oct. 19, the album features Reddick’s singing, songwriting and composing skills while also hinting at his myriad musical loves. The nine-track release is written and composed solely by the Yale Drama school alum and includes songs inspired by a diverse contingent of artists like Sting, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis.

“When I’m writing I’m trying to get the experiences of human beings deeply into my songs,” Reddick said in a statement. “And I’m looking to emulate my own idols in the music. I labored over every bit of this.

“A lot of this music is autobiographical, some of it’s completely fantastical,” Reddick added.

Classically trained at the Eastman School of Music in piano and composition, Reddick has been cultivating his craft since his days as a choirboy at Grace & St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Baltimore City and a student at Johns Hopkins University’s Peabody Conservatory. Reddick’s mother taught instrumental music for 40 years and his father, an educator turned public defender, also supported his musical endeavors.

With his own diverse range of musical influences, Reddick said he hopes to attract music-loving listeners regardless of their favorite genres.  

“As a collection, the songs reflect the images, ideas and ideals that resonate most strongly with Reddick. “I have such a love of wisdom that, when I first left for college, I wanted to be a philosopher. That desire has never left-I just didn’t think I would make a living at it. For me, the beauty in all of this lay in seeing our human commonality. In every song, I was angling to find the human story, the shared human experience.”