The Maryland General Assembly concluded its first session of 2012 without a House vote on a gaming bill or an agreement on how the state will fund its budget.

On April 7, the Senate passed a bill, which would have paved the way for legalized casino gambling, including table games, in Prince George’s. A ballot referendum would have been created where a majority of Maryland voters would have to approve the state’s sixth casino site, this one in Prince George’s.

However, that referendum always had sketchier chances in the House and that proved to be the case. Several last minute amendments and a push to get a deal done on before passing the budget left many state delegates displeased with the entire process.

Del. Jill P. Carter, D.-Dist. 41, called the last minute moves on the process “shady” in a serious of tweets late night April 9.

“ looks like gaming bill will be coming to House floor,” she tweeted. “I knew fix was in just hoped for a miracle. Sadly, it only needs 71 votes.”

Carter then celebrated when it was apparent that the bill would fail.

“11:18 and no gaming bill yet on floor,” she continued. “Hip hip hooray! Could it be for once the House doesn’t win? Fingers crossed.”


George Barnette

Special to the AFRO